And the Oscar goes to…

Everyone who knows me knows that the Academy Awards are my Super Bowl. The most glamorous night in Hollywood displays all of the things I love and hate about the film industry. Glitz, glamour, talent, narcissism, and nepotism all rolled into a beautiful night of Academy members awarding their peers for doing their jobs. I LOVE IT! As soon as the nominees are announced in January I try to catch up on all of the films I didn’t have a chance to see the year before. Most years I’m focused on the blockbusters, but this year I had a chance to watch some of the foreign film nominations, as well as the shorts (thanks Rialto Theatre!).


  • The night started with an awesome opening by Justin Timberlake performing “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
  • Viola Davis’ speech knocked the socks off of the room (Best Supporting Actress, Fences)
  • An undeserved Best Supporting Actor Oscar went to Mahershala Ali for his performance in Moonlight (don’t judge me, he has given much better performances in other work!)
  • I cringed every time Lala Land was announced (Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and Jazz, really?)
  • and of course the massive flub at the end of the night (Faye Dunaway naming Lala Land the Best Picture of the year when it was really Moonlight due to a mix up by PWC)

A night to never forget!

But the best moment of the night for me is what you would expect. Most people are waiting for the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture of the year, but as a writer, you guessed it, I care most about the Best Screenplay Award.

And the Best Screenplay Oscar goes to…….Manchester by the Sea! Whooo hooo!

If you have not seen the film you are missing out. It is a beautiful story of loss and grief and family and pain with the backdrop being winter in New England. Massachusetts to be exact. I have a soft, warm spot in my heart for New England, having spent a total of seven years of my life living there, so I was already a tad bit partial. The film earned six nominations, winning two. Casey Affleck won the Oscar for Best Actor for his stunning performance and Kenneth Lonergan won for Best Screenplay, as he wrote the film (he also directed). Kenneth Lonergan put it all on the page and let the actors bring his words to life. What a wonderful example of what it means to be a great screenplay writer. Congratulations Mr. Lonergan!

And congratulations to all of the winners! Another Oscar season over, it’s time to prepare for the films 2017 will bring!


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