Nichelle ApplebyNichelle Appleby knew she wanted to be a writer when she was praised by her seventh grade teacher for her short story ‘Betraying Hitler’.  An avid reader and engaging storyteller, Nichelle was excited about the possibilities of sharing her stories with the world. Blessed with a talented and supportive family, she knew one day she would put fingers to keyboard and write her first book.

Fast forward 21 years, 15 countries and three degrees and Nichelle still has the appetite to write. She completed her first novel in January 2016 and is currently revising and contemplating the route to publishing her work. She entered the Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition in February 2017 and is also currently working on her first screenplay.

When she is not revising or penning ideas for her next project, she is staring at spreadsheets, reading by CFL light,  planning or on her next overseas vacation.