Encouragement – Meeting other artists (and buying new art)

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s very rare that I meet a person in a bar that I like. Just the word ‘bar’ makes me think of my days in London walking past the local pub, the smell of stale beer and cigarettes pouring past me on my 11 a.m. grocery store run. I’m more of a dinner and cocktails kind of girl, so when a friend asked me to come with her to Isaac’s Tavern in Downtown Raleigh, I was skeptical. Not a big fan, I told her, but after dinner and then drinks at a new spot (The Haymaker), I acquiesced and have not been the same since.

The employees of Isaac’s are just about the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met, and since I have been there so many times, we are all on a first name basis. My new found friendships led me to purchasing two new pieces of beautiful art from an extremely talented artist.

After multiple visits, and a few conversations, A South African born, North Carolina raised, artist was kind enough to sell me two of the most striking pieces of art I have ever seen (and been able to afford) in a while. I have been on the search for local affordable art since last summer and before now I only purchased one piece, from a little gallery in Charlotte, NC. Having two more to add to my collection makes me feel like a true patron.

The pieces I bought this week are below and I love them. The woodwork, the color choices and the ingenuity all speak to me. Mostly because I don’t have the ability to create in this way, but also because I love meeting artists that use different mediums to create and share their gift with the world. It’s encouraging to look into the eyes of another person and know they understand what it means to have an idea come alive right before their eyes through their own hard work. Nothing short of blood, sweat, and tears.

More than what the artists creates, it is what the artist uses as inspiration that peaks my interest. Both pieces being inspired by Native American tribes, (Arawak/Hopi), curiosity about my own Native American heritage is piqued, and who knows, I just might have a story to write one day.

If anyone would like to see more of this artist’s work you can catch him at www.mogllii.com.



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