Legendary : Sharon Jones

On my way home yesterday I heard the news that Sharon Jones passed away. Although I knew she was battling cancer I was in shock. I recently (within the last six months) became acquainted with her music and at the first listen fell in love. Sharon Jones and her band the Dap Kings were a dynamic duo, playing music that reminded me of the tunes my parents danced to in the living room when I was a child and of a time I wish I could have experienced first hand. Smooth grooves and blues along with that big band brassy sound leave me missing my trumpet and knowing I missed out on something fantastic by not having a chance to see her and her Kings play together live.

Although anyone that knows her, knows how famous she is, her start was much later than most people.  Labels and agents all told her she was too much of one thing or not enough of another to be successful at what God gave her the natural talent to do. Tired of rejection, Sharon decided to go her own way and at 40 she recorded her first song. In twenty years she and the Dap Kings built their own record label and studio and have since released a number of amazing albums.

All art has a place in the world and Ms. Jones’ voice was her art. Death is most certainly a part of life but that fact does not dull the pain. The world will miss you Ms. Jones. Thank you for not giving up on your dreams and sharing your talent with the world.


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