My Work

Through my Lens (Working title) Synopsis:

Sabine Jackson’s life drastically changes after she receives an early morning phone call and is shocked to hear her father has died. Forced to handle the remnants of his life, a letter reveals a part of her father she never knew and his heartfelt wish for her to reimagine herself. As Sabine examines her life she makes a hard decision about her decade long relationship. Death and heartbreak lead Sabine on a journey that connects her to people and experiences that drive her back to her passion and cause her to honor her father in ways neither he or she could have imagined.


Sabine looked at the paintings on the floor. There was one of a blackgum tree, one of a horned owl, one of a gulf green 1972 Chevy Impala and one of a small woman in a leather coat under a lamppost. All of the paintings were intricate. Her father’s eye for detail was uncanny. Every line in the bark of the tree was there, every feather of the owl and every pattern on each feather was painted with care. The small woman in the leather coat had the perfect amount of texture to the mole on the right side of her mouth. It looked so real Sabine wanted to touch it.  As she continued to look at the art, she felt an overwhelming sense of joy. Being in the room with her father’s work was calming and it soothed her mind to know that her father took pleasure in producing such beauty.

Sabine turned to look at the unfinished painting on the easel near the door. It was of a beautiful brown skinned woman in a fiercely red wrap dress. She was standing with her hands crossed in front of her. Her shoes were black heels, her hair was braided into a top bun, and there were two gold earrings studding her earlobes.  Sabine walked closer and examined the woman’s face. She did not look familiar, but she did look as if she was expecting something or someone. The backdrop was an off white, just the primer for the canvas.

Finding Frank’s letter was pure coincidence.  As Sabine began to move the large canvases away from in front of the closet doors a thick standard white envelope with Sabine’s name written on the front fell from one of the frames.  She picked up the envelope and held it in her hands for a few moments.  She turned it over and looked at the small piece of duct tape holding down the flap. She started pulling at the tape and then stopped. Whatever was in this envelope was meant for her but she was not sure she was ready to read it. She turned the envelope over again and again feeling its weight. She felt her curiosity peak as she considered what her father had written.  She sat on the stool in front of the easel and carefully pulled the duct tape away from the envelope.  She unfolded the pages, took a deep breath, and began to read.

Dear Sweet Bean,

I love you. That is the beginning.