Remote Work – A new direction

I am officially a remote employee! My close friends know that I have been contemplating a life change for a while and one of the most recent changes has been my decision to leave the office bound, 9 to 5 and pursue remote work.

Why remote work?

After moving every year for three years, changing jobs, and traveling back and forth to help take care of an ailing grandmother, I realized that I needed more control over my life’s design. I no longer want to have to move for a job. I want to live where I choose, while still doing the work I enjoy.  Also, one of my biggest passions is travel and my heart’s desire is to live and work around the world. In the current construct of commuting to an office, there did not seem to be many options for me to change the way I work so I could change my life. After research on remote working, digital nomads and co-working spaces (working and/or living) I decided to pursue remote work at a different company, completely unsure if there would be any roles in my profession at an organization that understands how valuable remote work can be.

What do I do?

I work in compensation helping companies determine the value of jobs across their organization in different parts of the world. The role can be described as a cross between HR and Finance and we work to ensure we can price resources appropriately. In many organizations, compensation professionals are a part of a total rewards team with the mission of building total rewards programs that attract and retain talent.  We are responsible for wage & hour regulation compliance around the world, salary offers, long and short-term incentive planning, merit increase cycles, as well as other important rewards elements and processes for an organization.

How did I find my remote job?

Believe it or not,! At first, I thought I was crazy for thinking I could find anything in my field and I had heard of the site, but thought it was a scam. Then my friend (thanks @ahiroko!) told me to check it out. I signed up and within a month I had a new role. I cannot say that will be the case for everyone that uses the service, but since I work in such a niche field, and found what I was looking for, I imagine more individuals have found great success.

What do I think will be a challenge?

I have been commuting and working in-office with colleagues for the better part of a decade. I like being in the office, talking to people, building relationships and collaborating in person. I think it will be challenging for me to be isolated from my co-workers. I do plan to take advantage of co-working spaces (The Frontier in Durham), as well as make standing lunch and dinner dates with friends to stay connected to the outside world.

How do I plan to use this opportunity for a better life?

Location independence is extremely important to me.  Having time and mobility flexibility means the options are endless. Initially, the plan is to work smart and add value to the team while building a solid work routine. Hopefully, over the course of this position, I am able to do my work from other parts of the country or world while maintaining quality and delivering on the work I am assigned.

I am excited for this new way of working. I look forward to working smart, continuing to build in my profession, and enjoy life!

I will keep my blog updated on this remote working journey!

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