Unfinished Work

The past forty days have been a whirlwind and as I sit at my computer after my wonderful vacation, and look at my vision board from last year, I realize that although I made the goal of writing my first novel, I have not finished the first pass at revisions. My full time job, distractions, laziness, and moving are all to blame for my lack of attention to my first work.  In normal circumstances I would beat myself up (I have been beating myself up) but today that ends.

You see, as a driven and ambitious person, it is my nature to set goals and to follow through on my plans until my goals are met. It comes natural to me to want to see something through to the end and so I thought that starting my writing journey would be much the same as the rest of my life. Set goal, make plan, work plan, meet goal. And although it did go that way for completing this first story, there was so much more I had planned (enter into a writing contest, revise the novel, get an editor, find an agent, publish). I could have done all of these things but today I decided that I can allow myself the space to let my creativity be less of a chore, and function as what it really is, my passion.

I am lucky, I have a great career, and great role models that have shown me that I can spend my entire life reaching my goals and living my passion. I don’t want my writing to become churn and burn and put something out just for the sake of saying I am published. I want to be proud of every piece I publish, and I want to take my time choosing the pieces I want to share with the world carefully. That means setting goals, but also no rushing, and completing more work.

It may be old to some, but if I am honest, I can and should be proud that I have written my first novel. Sure it is not in the best shape yet, and it is definitely not ready to be published, but I will say that completing the work, and even looking for agents (got my first rejection email this year) means that although the work is not ‘finished’ I have a darn good start.

So for those of you frustrated with your lack of progress on something you find important, give yourself the space to breath, be proud of what you have accomplished, set new goals, and start again.


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